About Us


Ramdulari Devi Academy which is known as “RD Academy” is established in 2004 and serving for last 12 years by providing quality education. Our manager Mr. Virendra Kumar established this school in the memory of his late mother Mrs. Ramdulari Devi, who used to discuss a lot about the challenges which were faced by the student in the area.

We believe that each child is different and each one has his or her own potential which when identified, enhanced and groomed in the right way, helps them to bloom perfectly. R.D Academy is a school with a difference, as each child is given the right amount of space for developing their abilities to the utmost and also provided the platform to showcase it.

We focus on all aspects of education for the holistic development of each child. Apart from academics it also includes emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual development. Thus, our children are nurtured to face this global world bravely and confidently.
The teacher-student ratio is the best in India with only 15-20 students per class in junior wing and 20-25 students per class in senior wing.

We wish all the very best to the all the students at R.D Academy for their bright future.

With Regards,
Team- R.D Academy

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